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How to Prevent Addiction Relapse

Drug addiction is a serious condition, and the worst part of it is that it is difficult to treat. Even if you enroll in a rehab program, it is hard to stay for the entire program, and if you do, there are chances that you might relapse again. Thumbs up for anyone who has completed a rehab program and has not relapsed yet.

One of the rehabilitation center treatment procedures includes teaching the addicts on what they can do to stay sober after completing the program. However, not all of them end up staying drug-free. For starters, avoiding putting yourself in stressful situations is important. Many studies have explained The Link Between Stress and Relapse and how you can prevent it.

Below are some other ways substance recovering abusers can use to stay drug-free:

Avoid Tempting Situations

avoid tempting situationsOne of the leading reasons behind relapses is patients putting themselves around tempting situations. Once someone has completed a rehab program, they go back to hang out with their former friends, who might still be substance abusers. While you might feel strong enough to resist temptation, staying around the substance users can be highly tempting, especially if you have just completed your rehabilitation.

You might give in and start trying smaller doses, and before you know, you are addicted again. Avoid hanging around people using the same substance you were using. If possible, avoid visiting areas that can remind you of the ‘good times’ you used to have. A small trigger can lead to a relapse.

Join Supportive Social Groups

If you have an addiction problem, making it go away even after successful treatment can be challenging. Joining social groups consisting of people who previously had a substance abuse problem can help you stay drug-free. Addiction is a problem that need you to surround yourself with people of a positive mindset. If you meet once in a while, share your stories, you will be better placed emotionally to avoid any situation that can lead to a relapse.

Stay Active

stay activeStaying idle can make you entertain the thoughts of substance abuse again. It would be best to come up with a routine for daily activities as soon as you are out of treatment. You can include activities like meetings, treatment visits, work, some family time, and even exercise. When you stay active, you are not only living healthy but also avoiding relapse situations.

Do Not Consider Relapse as Failure

It is difficult to get over substance abuse problems, and if you retreat, that is not a failure. If you think it as a failure, you can get stressed, driving you more into addiction. If you relapse, think of a way on how you can resume your treatment program. Ensure that you surround yourself with supportive people to help improve your recovery.

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